1.INDEPENDENT SERVICE PROVIDER: Worldbusinesstechsupport Support provides technical support services for many third party software and hardware independently. Names and Trademarks are used only for references and we do not intend to indicate any association of Worldbusinesstechsupport Support with these third parties.

2.WARRANTY COVERAGE: Majority of the software & hardware products are under the warranty of manufacturers in the period of commencement. Incase your software or hardware is within the warranty period you are liable for free services from the manufacturer. In such condition, Worldbusinesstechsupport Support suggests you to get in touch with the original supplier of the article.

3.CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS: Testimonials found at Worldbusinesstechsupport.com and any other website that is related to it unverified which has been sent by the customers either on Social media or emails. These testimonials are not meant to indicate the assurance that all the service consumers will have the similar experience. They might not show the experience of purchase and might not be applicable for average person.

4.REMOTE ACCESS TO COMPUTER: Worldbusinesstechsupport Support suggests that you should review the procedure for remote session ( remote.Worldbusinesstechsupport.com ). Along with it, please go through the section meant for Software support tool and remote session on the terms and condition page www.Worldbusinesstechsupport.com.

5.SERVICE EXCLUSION: Please go through the “Exclusion of Services” on Worldbusinesstechsupport Support detailed terms & condition page i.e (www.Worldbusinesstechsupport.com) to make sure that you have understood the services that are not included on any of our subscriptions

6.THIRD-PARTY DIAGNOSTIC SOFTWARE: Whenever required, Worldbusinesstechsupport Support uses third party tools and softwares in order to identify and solve the issue. We use quality tool from leading brands like MS, AVG, etc. Some of these are free and some could be premium depending on which you will be billed.

7.SOFTWARE OWNERSHIP: As of now we do not use or sell any software that is owned by us for identifying or fixing the issues.

8.CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We measure the satisfaction level of our customers through different online surveys for which we obtain permission from them at the end of the work session. Some of the customers do not fill the survey completely that might result inaccuracy of data statistically.

9.RENEWALS: Based on our policy, Worldbusinesstechsupport Support do not renew contracts automatically. In order to get the contract renewed the customer needs to get in touch with our team.

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Disclaimer Worldbusinesstechsupport Support is an independent service provider of technical support for various third party software,hardware and peripherals. Brand Names and Trademarks are used only references purpose, as they not indicate any kind of association of third parties with Worldbusinesstechsupport Support. Worldbusinesstechsupport Support hereby disclaims any sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement of or by any third-parties. If your product is covered by warranty, the support service maybe available for free from brand owners.